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Title: Teriyaki Beef Jerky
Author: [personal profile] peachly
Pairing: Pinto
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~3k
Disclaimer: I am so sorry, Zach and Chris. Unless you think this is hot. Then call me.
Warnings/Kinks: Role playing, Puppy Play, Caged/Confined
Summary: Chris has a play day with his puppy.
Author's Note: Written for the roleplaying square on my [community profile] kink_bingo card. I told myself I would never write RPF... Of course you can see how that turned out. My beta [ profile] marlee813 assured me this wasn't just silly and actually hot.


Chris was confused when he was awoken by a low dog whimper. They were at his home, so Noah wasn't... Ah.

A large grin spread across his face as he rolled over on his side to look at the floor beside the bed. Zach was sitting there on his haunches looking up at Chris with pleading puppy eyes. Literally.

"Hey, boy," Chris said affectionately and reached down to scratch Zack under his ear, moving down to feel the collar around his neck.

Chris bought it for Zach after the first time they played this game. Zach, who was never embarrassed about anything related to sex, blushed and admitted he always wanted to try puppy play but never had anyone he trusted enough to tell. That first night had been completely improvised but fun as hell. They had to stop and giggle a lot since the things Chris had been commanding Zach to do were so silly to ask someone. Despite all that, Chris could tell that Zach had never come harder.

The next day while Zach was at an audition, Chris had gone out to get Zach a collar. There were a lot of expensive pet supply boutiques in Los Angeles, which Chris couldn't help but find ridiculous. Instead, he just went over to the local Petco. Originally, he had just been looking at collars, and not even the fancy-looking Martha Stewart ones. Why the hell was she making pet supplies, anyway?

He had just found the perfect one, a simple soft leather collar in a solid red, when a sales associate came over with a large eager smile. She asked if he needed any assistance, and before he knew it, he told her he'd just gotten a dog and was looking for supplies.

Apparently Chris was the proud new owner of a young chocolate Labrador Retriever. He went home with the collar, a leash (regular kind, not retractable), a large cage, two dog bowls, a large and small ball, a chew toy bone and a large dog bed. He drew the line at getting any dog food or flea-and-tick medicine.

Zach and Chris had laughed about it later.

"I can't tell who's more excited about this, me or you," Zach joked, feeling the leather of his new collar and looking at all of the dog supplies strewn around Chris's living room.

Chris shrugged a shoulder. "I figured if you got bored of being a puppy, I would just have to get a dog."

Zach grinned down at the collar before looking up in confusion. "Lucky?"

Chris looked down to see Zach fingering the silver bone-shaped tagged he had engraved at Petco. He grinned. "It's your puppy name. I'm calling you 'Lucky' because how else could you get such an accommodating boyfriend with a hot ass like mine?"

Chris ended up getting a lap full of growly puppy that he had to spank with a rolled up newspaper.

It wasn't until later that they bought more kinky things, like butt plugs with tails, mitts for his hands, and muzzles.

That red collar soon became Zach's signal that he wanted to play.

Chris ruffled Zach's bed head. Chris was pretty sure that was one thing Zach liked about being a puppy: he didn't have to worry about his appearance like he normally did. Considering he was currently collared and only wearing black leather fist mitts (and wasn't Zach excited when they bought those!), leather knee pads and a butt plug tail, it would be tough to care about normal aesthetics and still feel comfortable.

Zach whimpered again, wanting Chris to get up faster.

"All right, all right, Lucky. I'm up. I'm up," Chris said as he rolled out of bed and stretched his arms straight up. Zach danced excitedly in place. Chris grinned even wider and patted his thighs. Zach jumped up on his hind legs and put his paws on Chris' legs. Chris leaned down and let him lick at his fingers a moment before moving to buckle the paw on Zach's right hand, something Zach hadn't yet learned to do his self after the other paw was already on.

Chris straightened. "Down."

Zach took his paws off Chris and sat on his haunches again to look up at Chris. Chris could see his ass wiggling to wag his tail, a black spitz tail, wide and curved, with soft thick fur.

Chris always preferred the belt tail since it looked more anatomically correct and if they ended up 'mating' (which was normally how this game ended) Chris could grip it and pull Zach back as Chris fucked him. Doggy style, naturally.

Zach always preferred the butt plug tail because, even though it had to be removed to fuck, he said it always felt like it was actually part of him. Since today was a more playful day, the butt plug made more sense.

Chris smiled. "What do you say we get something to eat, huh?" He could almost see Zach's ears perk up.

Chris walked casually to the kitchen, Zach managing to keep pace behind him. Once there, Zach did more dancing in place with eager barks.

Chris opened the cupboard to grab Zach's dog food, which was really just vegetarian chili. "Oops," Chris said, looking down to his pup. "I forgot to get more food." Actually, no he hadn't, because he loved what that meant.

Zach just growled impatiently. If there was one trait that Zach kept no matter what species he was being, it was impatience.

Chris walked out of the kitchen, and Zach followed with an annoyed bark.

Chris slipped on his sandals and went towards the door and grabbed his keys from the bowl.

Zach knew what that meant. He made a few pathetic whimpers.

"No, come on," Chris urged, grabbing a hold of Zach's collar and dragging him towards the dog cage he kept in the bedroom. Zach remained immovable for a moment before reluctantly following.

When Chris opened the door to the cage, Zach made one last attempt to guilt Christ into not going. Of course, Chris just nudged Zach forward with a foot on his thigh.

Zach got in and turned around to sit on his calves. He looked at dejected as he always did when Chris was leaving and had to put him in the crate.

Chris knelt down and scratched Zach's head. "I'll be right back, I promise." He withdrew his hand and closed the crate, clasping it shut.

Chris jogged down to his car. He didn't know why, but he loved leaving Zach in that crate. He didn't do it every time, especially since it meant they would have to be away from each other, but they both enjoyed it. Zach liked that it was just another thing that made him into a puppy, and Chris liked it because he knew Zach was waiting for him and always so excited to see him when he got back.

Chris made a quick trip the store, only grabbing a few cans of chili and not shopping around before heading to self-check-out. On the way there, a display caught his eye, and he slowed down to look at it.

Beef jerky. Man, why hadn't he ever thought of that before?! It was so obvious, he was mentally kicking himself. They had always used cookies as dog biscuits, and Zach was always complaining how fat it was getting him (it wasn't). Of course, he never complained as a dog.

Chris grabbed five packages of jerky, regular and teriyaki. Because if it's teriyaki flavor, Zach can't refuse no matter how many fake pounds he was packing on.

The woman standing to watch over the self-check-out seemed to perk up when Chris came over. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see her trying to subtly crane her neck to look at what he was buying. He normally only bought chili, so she was probably trying to find out what he was buying that was different. Chris would say she needed a life, but he'd probably be doing the same thing if he were in her shoes.

Chris was even more excited when he was driving home, and it took all of his willpower not to speed all the way.

Chris tried to be quiet when he opened the front door. He slipped in and carefully shut it, but he obviously wasn't careful enough since there was barking suddenly coming from the bedroom. Chris sighed. He was always surprised that Zach's hearing was as good as it was.

"Hey, Lucky," Chris called out. "Give me a second, okay?"

This just caused Zach to bark louder, and Chris could hear a loud clanking as he pawed roughly at the cage.

Chris sighed but had a grin on his face. He went to the kitchen and put away all the cans of chili except one, which he put on the counter to cook. He put four of the jerky packets in the same cupboard as the chili and left the kitchen with the last bag, teriyaki. He tore open the bag and used the built-in sealer to close it. He hid the bag in the drawer of an end table next to his sofa.

Chris finally walked back to the bedroom where Zach's barking had calmed down to whimpering. Zach stood up from his sitting position and renewed his barking.

"Hey, Lucky. Miss me?"

Zach whimpered and banged at the door with a paw.

"No," Chris said sternly. "Sit."

Zach sat back on his calves, wriggling in place.

Chris bent down and unclasped the door. Zach shifted to stand, but Chris paused. "No," Chris scolded slowly, causing Zach to quickly plop back down, sitting still.

Chris waited a moment before finally opening the door. Chris stood and eyed Zach as he obediently stayed. Chris finally grinned. "Good boy. Come."

Zach quickly climbed out of the cage and ran (or crawled as fast as he could) down the hall towards the hall. Chris would normally stop him from running in front of him, but Chris was in a pretty good mood. Training was said to be most effective with consistency, but Chris liked watching Zach's ass as he crawled ahead of him.

Chris followed Zach into the kitchen. He grabbed the can of chili and used the tab to pull the top off. He put the chili in a microwavable bowl and zapped it for a minute less than suggested so it was only warm and wouldn't burn his tongue or face.

Chris reached into the fridge and took out just a cup of key lime pie flavored yogurt. It was too early for anything heavier.

When the microwave beeped, Zach barked excitedly. Chris took it out and stirred, checking with a finger to make so the temperature was right. He poured the chili into the dog bowl. Zach nearly bowled him down when he was walking over to the food, but he managed to make it to the mat on the floor.

As Zach started to scarf down his food, Chris made sure his water bowl was full before sitting down at the table to eat his yogurt.

After a few minutes, Zach came over to sit and look up at Chris.

Chris grinned as he grabbed a napkin from the table and bent down. He wiped the red mess from Zach's nose and cheeks. "You're such a sloppy pup. I should have named you Messy."

Zach just tried to lick the napkin, and Chris just laughed.

He stood up and walked over to step on the pedal that opened the lid to the garbage can to toss the napkin. Zach walked over and sniffed the trash but shook his head in distaste. Chris snapped the lid shut as Zach put his nose close to the rim again, and he jumped in surprise. Chris ruffled his hair and walked out of the kitchen.

Zach followed him out but detoured off to the side and grabbed his smaller rubber ball with his mouth. He walked back over to Chris and sat down. He gave a pleading whimper.

Chris grabbed the ball and shook it a few times to get him to let go. He gave it a quick throw with a flick of the wrist down the hall. Zach scrambled after it. He took hold of it and came back. Chris tossed it a few more times. When Zach came back panting, Chris knew he shouldn't do it anymore even though Zach whimpered with Chris put the ball away.

"I have a surprise for you," Chris said with a grin. He walked into the living room and opened the end table drawer to grab the bag of jerky.

When Zach saw it, there was a flash of human in his eyes, probably feeling as stupid as Chris for not thinking of this either.

Chris opened the bag and let Zach sniff it. Zach went immediately back in his puppy headspace and tried to shove his head into the bag to grab a piece.

Chris quickly pulled the bag out of reach. "No, no," he scolded. "You only get these if you're a good boy." When Zach jumped up on him, Chris lifted the bag up further. "No. Sit!"

Zach quickly sat down.


Zach got up on his knees, his paws up.

Chris grinned. "Good boy." He reached in and picked out a small piece of jerky. He held it a few inches away from Zach's nose, and Zach began to slowly lean forward. Chris drew the treat back and let Zach teeter on his knees before giving him the treat.

Zach quickly snatched it, his teeth scraping gently against Chris's fingers as he took it. He quickly chewed it and whimpered for another.

"Go to sleep," Chris said.

Zach went down and lied on his side.

Chris knelt down and gave him another treat. Normally he'd have Zach 'play dead' by lying on his back, but that was just uncomfortable for him with that butt plug with the curved up tail.

Chris scratched Zach's head. He didn't want to spoil him, so he'd only let him do one more trick for a treat, then that was it.

"Find your bone," Chris ordered.

Instead of jumping up and rushing over to the toy basket in the closet to get the rubber chew toy like Chris expected, Zach scooted forward and put his nose into Chris's crotch.

Chris was so surprised he fell back on his ass and dropped the back of jerky. He stared down at Zach for a moment before his head fell back, and he burst out laughing. It took him a long time to catch his breath. "Okay. Well, that wasn't exactly what I had in mind," he said breathlessly, looking down to Zach who also looked like he wanted to laugh too. "I'll give you extra for creativity though."

Chris picked the jerky back up and grabbed an extra-large treat. He let Zach tear off a piece and eat it before giving him the rest.

Chris ruffled Zach's hair. "Come on, let's watch some TV." Chris got up and walked over to the couch. He plopped down on the couch and Zach jumped up and lied down on his side with his back to the couch so his head rested on Chris's lap.

Chris scratched his nails down Zach's belly, light enough not to hurt but hard enough not to tickle. He looked down to Zach as he dozed lightly. It was hard work being a puppy; humans just weren't made for running around on all fours.

Chris always wondered what Zach thought about during these times when he was a dog. Master? Skritchies? Ball? Bacon? ...Tofu? Did he think anything, or was his mind just contently blank? Chris never thought to ask when they were both human. He wasn't one to psychoanalyze his own kinks, and he wasn't going to start on Zach's.

Chris had the feeling that it gave Zach the illusion of the truly unconditional love he craved. Zach would have to do some pretty shitty things to make Chris not love him anymore, but there was always that possibility. Zach's insecurity told him that if he made a wrong move, he'd lose it. As a pup, it didn't matter what he did wrong or how many mistakes he made. It was hard not to forgive a puppy.

Chris flipped through the channels before finding a Mystery Science Theater 3000 doing some old science fiction movie with gigantic grasshoppers attacking a city.

It was almost an hour later when Zach woke up. He stretched his arms up and arched his back. He brought his hand down to rub his face but hesitated to find it covered in a mitt. He looked confused for a moment.

"Hello, pretty boy," Chris murmured and brushed the hair from Zach's face.

Zach looked up wryly and laid his hands in Chris's lap. "Get me out of these things," he said, his voice a little rough. "And give me some more of that jerky."

Chris grinned as he took one of the mitts and began to unbuckle it. "Nope. Only puppies get treats."

"Dick," Zach said affectionately, shifting slightly. "Give me another one." When his first hand was free he flexed it, clenching and unclenching a few times before reaching down. He groaned as he slowly pulled his tail out. Chris took it when it was handed to him and put it on a few tissues on the end table to be cleaned later.

"No, this is only for good little puppies," Chris said, placing both mitts on the end table. "You'll just have to be extra good next time." Zach dove for the bag of jerky, but Chris grabbed his wrists and pushed him back on the coach. "No! Bad boy!"

Zach laughed. "Come on. I promise I'll wear the belt tail next time."

Chris paused and thought about it. "All right, fine. But you'll have to find your bone again."

Zach grinned wickedly. "That's my favorite trick."